195030, Russia,
Khimikov st., 28.

+7 (812) 319-30-40

111141, Moscow, Elektrodnaya st., 2 building 12-14


About the company

CJSC "TechnoClip" was founded in 2001.

Our main activity is production of all kinds of clips and loops for meat-processing plants.

Since 2006 we produce and offer the aluminium wire for clips and clippers.

Domestic manufacture gave us the more stable quality and reduced the production price, increasing our competitive advantage and strengthening Company’s position in the market.

Our Company offers the whole range of consumables: U-shaped clips, continuous clips (for automatic clippers), single clips, loops on tape, cord, forming net for delicacies, and food industry equipment.

CJSC "TechnoClip" is the leader in the market of production of aliminium clips and loops for Russian meat-processing industry.

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