TechnoClip company

TechnoClip company was founded in the year 2001 to produce and provide consumable materials for   meat   industry.  We have our own factory, and our main producing items are all kinds of aluminium clips and synthetic loops. Our manufacturing base is equipped with modern technological machines and tools. With our own construction bureau with high-skilled engineers, all our equipment is constantly renewed and improved.

Our scientifically-technical laboratory worked out a special food-friendly aluminium alloy, to be successfully compared with best samples of the world suppliers. As a result, since 2006 we also produce and offer the aluminium wire for clips and clippers. From the year of 2016, we plan to produce automatic, half-automatic and manual operated clippers for small and medium meat-processing factories.

Nowadays our company produces a wide range of clips for Poly-Clip, Alpina, Technopack, Lorenzo Barroso, Compo clippers. Consistently high quality without any fluctuations in the degree of hardness is guaranteed for all clips. We make all kinds and sizes of U-shaped-clips and Continuous clips.            Also we produce loops (white, natural, colored, different sizes, in pieces and on tape). We also offer special forming nets for meat delicacies, cellulose film, twine, different food industry equipment, spare parts for different food-processing machines.

Our engineering service offers all-over technical support to your enterprise: repairs, service maintenance, installation of equipment, installation maintenance, and regular customer care.

TechnoClip’s main task on the market is to guarantee the quality and safety of its products as well as customer satisfaction. TechnoClip cares about your meat-processing factory – we provide consumables, equipment, and service of European quality standards for Russian competitive prices. Exactly in time when you need it.


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Foundation of manufacturing company “TechnoClip”. The company produces aluminium clips for all types of clipping machines.
Start of production of continuous clips for automatic clipping machines.
Our research and technology laboratory developed a special aluminium alloy corresponded with best world analogues. Since that moment we produce and offer aluminium wire for clips and clippersв.
Company enters international market.
Start of own clipping machines production.
Start of production of fillers and clippers on continuous clip.
Start of production of pneumatic automatic clippers on flat U-shaped clips with possibility of data labelling.