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The hinges are designed for hanging sausages and delicatessen products on the frame for further processing in a thermal chamber.

In meat production uses the following types of loops:

- Custom-made for manual and semi-automatic clipping machines;
- Loops of coils for semi-automatic and automatic clipping machines.

The hinges are made of twine with a certain type of torsion, which allows a well to keep the shape of the loop. They are not twisted at the base, formed by the node has the ability to tighten with an increase in product weight.

Loop TEBE 44 Ol mini, TEBE VKNL, TEBE 30/12 and 22/100 and TEQu loops are used with U-shaped clips.

Hinges 19/100, 20/100, 21/100, 25/100 used with continuous clips.

Loop piece for sausages

The hinges are made of polypropylene twine to improve the presentation of sausages, as well as for the convenience of accounting products in the meat processing production offered loops of different colors (10 colors). Possible to manufacture the loop under the order of any length: 8 to 22 cm long loops 8, 10, 12 and 14 cm used in the manufacture of cooked, smoked and semi-smoked sausages. Loop length of 16, 22 cm, designed for gourmet group, they are hung with smoked chicken legs, as well as natural deli meats.

Loops on the tape for automatic and semiautomatic clippers

The company produces and offers a full range of loops on the tape for automatic and semi-automatic clipping machines, manned by an ADF loop. The hinges are made of polypropylene or nylon filament attached to a punch tape, wound on a plastic spool or reel. Loops can be loose (20/100, 22/100, 25/100, TEBE 44 Ol mini, TEBE VK NL, TEBE 30/12, TEQu) or cutting (19/100, 21/100).

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