On meat-processing factories, aluminium wire has two kinds of application: direct use of wire as fixing element in clip form in wire clippers; or using it as material for U-shaped and continuous clips manufacturing.

In both cases, one of most important technical requirements for good clipping process is stability of physical and mechanical parameters of aluminium wire being used.

Our product is made while using original technologies allowing to get aluminium wire with uniform crystalline grid. That provides stability of physical and chemical properties demanded by Customer. Aluminium wire has high cleanness of its surface, without
damages or impurities.

On our factory the complex quality control system has been implemented, that provides 100% testing of physical and mechanical parameters in the beginning and ending of each wire coil. Limit deviation of difference in readings does not exceed 1 kgf/mm2 in
each coil, with obligatory reflection of exact information on the label attached to every wire coil.

There is a hygiene certificate for the product confirming the right of using our aluminium wire in food-processing industry.

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