Technoclip CSA 21-100

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Clipping machine TECHNOCLIP CSA 21-100 is designed for clipping of two ends of sausage loafs at once, in automatic mode. It is intended for use at medium and large sausage producing factories.

Allows to clip any artificial and natural casing with diameter from 30 mm to 100 mm. Clipping machine is completed with the looping tray.

Allows to produce different meat products: small sausages, single sausages, and also sausage chains.

Application area

  1. Suitable for clipping of all artificial and fibrous sausage casings
  2. Suitable for clipping of collagen and natural sausage casings
  3. Firm and reliable holding of clip on the casing
  4. Compatibility with any filler


User-friendly quick and easy working process

Tight and reliable closing

Possibility of equipping with additional options

Easily aggregates with fillers of any manufacturer

Hygienic stainless-steel construction

Optimal price/quality balance

Function and operation

Automatic clipping machine TECHNOCLIP CSA 21-100 was developed considering the advantages of clippers from leading world manufacturers. It is intended for clipping of all types of casings. Provides accurate and reliable clip closing due to the smooth adjustment of the clip compression force. Has 9 speed levels, which allows to reach productivity up to 130 cycles per minute. Due to construction elements, the clipping machine can achieve different degree of sausage stuffing, upon the customer’s request.

Technical parameters

Caliber of casing, mm 40-100
Clipping speed up to 100 сycles per minute
Clips type and sizecontinuous clips 15/18
Cut off knife automat
Overall dimensions 128x1000x1700
Weight, kg 500
Electric power supply380 V 50 HZ
Power3.5 kW

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