Technoclip-corund 1-2.5; 1-2,5 f

Technoclip-corund 1-2.5; 1-2,5 f - фото 1

TECHNOCLIP CORUND 1-2.5 clipper is designed for easy and reliable clipping of sausage casings, bags and nets. Due to the wide range of clips applicable there, it is easy to clip packages and products of different sizes.

Application area

The clipper TECHNOCLIP CORUND 1-2.5 is equipped with a pneumatic actuator. Tail of sausage, bag, or net is placed to the special groove, and with the handler being closed – placing and closing of clip starts. If the machine is completed with “pneumatic clump” option, then placing and closing of clip is actuated by pressing of a special button. When knife is switched off, twine loop can be used.


User-friendly quick and easy working process

Tight and reliable closing

Hygienic stainless steel construction

Optimal price/quality balance

Optional equipment

Implementation with spool clipping system

Special design of TechnoClip Corund 1-2.5 “F” for working on a flat clip with data stamping system

Technical parameters

Casing caliber, mm 30-120
Time of one clip placing, sec.1
Clips for the model 1-2.5 Е210,Е220,Е230, М1, М2, М3
Clips for the model 1-2.5 FKD1, KD2, KD3, KD4
Cut-off knifemanual
Overall dimensions 380х520х920
Weight, kg 26

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