Technoclip-corund 2-3.0 automat

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The clipper TECHNOCLIP CORUND 2-3.0 Automat is designed for double clipping – clipping both ends of sausage loaf in automatic mode. Is equally suitable either for small meat-processing plants, or for big meat factories. Allows to clip any artificial or natural casing with diameter from 30 to 120 mm.

Provides the possibility of production of: single sausages, sausage chains, sausage rings and half-rings.

Application area

The clipper TechnoClip Corund 2-3.0 Automat is connected to the filler. With pushing the “START” button starts portioning of the product with the filler. With closing of voiding separator, the stuffed casing is compressed in the place of clipping, and clipping process starts. If necessary, cutting of bridge between two clips can be intended, or supplying of loop or thread.


User-friendly quick and easy working process

Tight and reliable closing

Low air consumption

May be equipped with: portioning device along the length; loop feeder; string dispenser

Relatively small size of clipper saves place

Easily aggregates with fillers of any manufacturer

Hygienic stainless steel construction

Easy maintenance

Low cost of maintenance due to small quantity of moving wearing parts

Optimal price/quality balance

  1. Suitable for clipping of natural and artificial sausage casings
  2. Firm and reliable holding of clip on the casing
  3. Possibility of working with any filler
  4. Table- or floor-mounted

Optional equipment

Table-mounted or floor- mounted

Automatic looping tray

Automatic string dispenser

Movable casing brake

Technical parameters

Caliber of casing, mm 40-120
Time of one clip placing, sec. 1
Clips in use S735, S740, S744
S8740, S8744, S8747
Cut off knife semi-automat, automat
Overall dimensions 750*1000*1150
Weight, kg 90

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