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U-shaped Clips

Appearance of products manufactured meat processing enterprises is as important an element as well as quality. Product form sausages attached clipping: it provides a dense packing and uniform filling of meat loaves.

The organization of this process begins with the selection of clipper. You must take into account major factors:

- Specific production (sausage shop, poultry, dairy farming, etc.)
- Productivity (number of products requiring packaging)
- The characteristics of the selected type of shell or packaging, etc.

For each type of clipper use a certain kind of clips, on the parameters that need special attention:

- Size (width, height, thickness)
- A form of cross-sections (circular, trapezoidal)
- The presence of notches
- Hardness (soft "BT" solid "T", the increased hardness "DST")

Clips are made with different types of incisions: a point, a cross, such as gutter, etc. At the request of the customer and for clipping easily travmiruemyh shells offered clips without notches. Different types of incisions canclip sausage casings of multilayer polyamide to "tender" (protein). Feet Clips further processed with a special compound that protects the matrix clipper on impact, but also protects the shell from the injury.

The presence of the top plastic layer eliminates the side of the transport belt, which increases the speed clipper.

Recommendations for selection of clips
depending on a model of clipper and casing diameter

Name of clipper Model of clipper Casing diameter Clip number
Technopack KDC-90T
45-60 E-210
55-60 E-220
75-60 E-230
TcniRF200 45-70 G-175, G-200
DCA-E 55-105 E-410
110-120 E-410, E-420
Poly-Clip PDC-600 45-50 S-628, S-632
55-70 S-632, S-638
75-80 S-638
PDC-700 55-60 S-735
65-70 S-735, S-740
75-105 S-740, S-744, S-848
110-120 S-740, S-744, S-848
45-50 В-1, В-2
55-60 В-2
65-70 В-2
75-80 В-2, В-3

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