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Aluminum wire

Meat-processing factories wire has two kinds of applications: direct use of wire as the fixing element in the form of clips in a wire clipper, or use it as material in the manufacture of U-shaped and continuous clips

In one other case, and one of the most important technical requirements for quality clipping is the stability of the physical and mechanical parameters of the aluminum wire.

The proposed products are manufactured using original technologies to get the wire with a uniform crystal lattice, which provides stability of physical and mechanical properties required to the customer.

The wire has a high surface smoothness, precision micromachining, without damage.

The company has implemented a comprehensive system for product quality control, by 100% testing of physical and mechanical parameters of the beginning and end of each bay made of wire, the limit of deviation difference readings no more than 1 ruc/vm2 in one bay, with a mandatory reflection of the information in the label affixed to the each bay.

The products have hygienic certificate confirming the right of its use in the food industry.

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